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If you have persistent concerns about a hearing loss, but have been told that your “hearing is normal”, then you may suffer from an auditory processing disorder (APD) that cannot be identified by basic audiologic tests.

Adult APD 2022 Courses


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August 16 – October 5

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October 18 – December 6

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January 3 – January 24

Adults with APD are overlooked by Audiologists.

Not Any More.

At the Auditory Processing Center for Adults we take APD in adults seriously.

It is our passion to educate audiologists how to identify and treat APD in adults.

Scientific & Clinical Expertise

Dr. Elizabeth Leigh is an Audiologist with over 25 years of experience as a clinician, a researcher, and a teacher in Audiology.

Clinically, she established Central Auditory Clinics at two VA hospitals to diagnose and treat patients with persistent complaints of hearing problems in the presence of normal, standard, audiologic assessment.

She was one of the first to address the underlying mechanisms of hearing problems not related to pure-tone threshold tests (i.e., the audiogram) in Veterans.

She scientifically developed innovative approaches to investigate the effects of aging and minimal hearing loss on auditory temporal coding and the relation of those measures to speech understanding in noise performance.

She has published and presented on the effects of abnormal binaural processing and reduced auditory temporal coding on speech perception in noise.

Dr. Leigh began her teaching career in audiology as a Ph.D. student in 1996 and continues to teach undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral students, as well as practicing professionals in behavioral and electrophysiologic assessment of the auditory system.

Dr. Leigh obtained her Master’s Degree in Audiology from East Carolina University in 1993 and her Ph.D. in Audiology from the University of Wisconsin in 2003.

Our Goal:

Adult APD services in every clinic

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Adult APD 2022 Courses

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